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Authorizations request

10 Décembre 2019

Tunisia Investment Authority (TIA) in partnership with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GIZ) organized on Tuesday (December 10th , 2019) a workshop on the role of TIA in the field of licence and authorizations request in the case of adminstration’s silence and regarding the license related to investment projects handled by the Authorisation and approval committee.

The workshop was a fruitful exchange plateform with the relevant administrations and ministries involved in the authorization procedures and aimed to:

- Developing the process of dealing with authorization request in the case of the silence of the competent administrative authority and the process to be adopted by the Authorization and approval committee dealing with authorizations request;

- Establisghing a coordination mechanism between the Tunisia Investment Authority and all ministries and structures involved in giving license and authorizations ;

- The way to materialize the decision to grant the authorisation in the case of deciding on the license requirement by the Tunisia Investment Authority and by the Licensing and Approvals committee