Tunisian Republic
Tunisian Republic Ministry of Investment, Development and International Cooperation

Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry in Tunisia has experienced a clear expansion for the last decade : 

  • 70 companies employing over 13 000 people; 
  • 1 000 jobs created each year; 
  • presence of internationally renowned players such as LATECOERE group, SABENA TECHNICS, ZODIAC AEROSPACE, STELIA a subsidiary of EADS Group... 
  • activities with high value added ranging from software / hardware engineering to production of aircraft systems as well as high precision cutting and machining 
  • an industry exporting nearly 70% of its production to the European Union, one of the most competitive markets; 
  • continuously growing exports of products and services.
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Food industry in Tunisia represents:

  • 1,064 companies representing 18.5% of the industrial fabric (199 totally exporting companies and 166 companies with foreign participation)
  • More than 71,000 people (for companies hiring 10 or more employees)
  • 4281.8 MTND in imports in agriculture and food industry in 2014
  • 2297.2 MTND in imports in agriculture and food industry in 2014
  • 60,4M TND of foreign direct investment achieved in 2014;
  • More than 100 export destinations. The main markets remain those of the European Union (Italy, France, and Spain) and Libya. New destinations arise, such as: the USA, Canada, Russia, Japan, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan countries (Niger, Senegal and Côte d´Ivoire)).
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Leather & Footwear

The leather and footwear industry in Tunisia consists of: 

  • 238 companies (10 or more jobs) employing over 24,880 people, 
  • 175 totally exporting companies and more than 114 companies with foreign share-holding, 
  • More than TND 720 million of exports value in during the eight months of 2016, 
  • FDI flows in 2015: TND 6.2 million representing 13 projects and 230 jobs, 
  • 144 foreign or mixed capital companies employing over 19,500 people by the end of 2015.
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Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic

The sector of Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Industries (MEEI) has acquired a prominent position in the Tunisian industrial fabric, as : 

  • 18% of overall manufacturing industries in terms of number of companies and 26.4% in terms of employment positions in 2014; 
  • more than 130,000 employment positions; 
  • over 1,000 companies including 435 totally exporting units; 
  • an average annual growth exceeding 13% ;
  • a value added exceeding 3,500 M TND; 
  • over 373 companies operating in electricity including 240 totally exporting companies;
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The offshoring sector in Tunisia features: 

  • About 300 foreign companies. 
  • More than 34 000 jobs. 
  • About 1 800 ICT companies. 
  • 200 University degrees in ICT-related fields. 
  • The digital economy accounts for 7 % of GDP.
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The plastics industry experiences a real industrial boom in Tunisia: 

  • more than 500 companies operating in the sector 
  • more than 15,000 people working in the sector; 
  • in 2015, a total of 106 units are totally exporting , 
  • Foreign direct investment in the plastics sector reached by the end of 2015, the amount of 460 MTND creating 11,000 employment positions;
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Textile & Apparel

The sector of textile and apparel in Tunisia is experiencing a true dynamics : 

  • 1,695 companies employing 10 or more people, of which 1,410 exclusively producing for export; 
  • one of the main sectors of the manufacturing industry in terms of employment. It employs more than 160,000 people ; 
  • At the end of 2015, the number of foreign companies reached 1,142 employing more than 125,274 people; 
  • FDI flows in 2015: TND 40.8 million of which TND 10.3 million are in form of new projects and TND 30.5 million are expansion projects.
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